Cherie - Classic

Cherie-Classic is our flagship product created for the purpose of and desire to offer Georgian customers the best coffee in the world. It needed to be the most delicious coffee, the likes of which has never been seen before. With this in mind, we worked arduously for over 10 months, tested around 35 different varieties of coffee and produced 70 distinct blends.

We have done our utmost to bring a product of the highest caliber, and eventually offered it to our Georgian customers first. It is comprised of 100% pure Arabica coffees blended from specially chosen species. Each coffee has its own unique roasting regime and processing technology; African coffee beans give it a strong intense flavor, viscosity and acidity whereas the Central and South American coffees add taste and the intense flavor of fruit, berries and citrus along with an floral aroma which you will experience every single time you open the pack. The well-defined, delicate combination of beans offer the tastiest coffee of the highest quality – Cherie Classic.

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