Cherie – is derived from – Cherry and means - fruit of Coffee.

Our mission is to offer genuine 100% natural coffee to Georgian customers with the aim of finding and strengthening our place within the Georgian coffee market. Our product shall be distinguished from our competitors, highly demanded, sought and competitive as well as our goal of acquiring a high level of public trust and constantly satisfying our customers.

It is not our goal to attract customers temporary. For the purpose of accomplishing our mission 100%, it is necessary to sustain our customer base and meet their expectations. Connecting with our customers is of the utmost importance. We are motivated with long term success of our Organization.

We produce a special product and its aroma, flavor and quality is the first priority of our company.The production of coffee is an art, it is a trilogy: one/ third of its taste is created by the origin/species of the green coffee beans, the rest of two/thirds depends on the coffee roasting and brewing. It should be taken into consideration that the best coffees are produced in the countries where the coffee is not cultivated. For the purpose of producing the best quality coffee, it is not necessary to cultivate coffee in Georgia. However, our company owns the equipment and production line that is necessary furthermore we create products – tastefully, with traditional quality control, very best German machinery and with regards toward our customers. (See the production process)

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