Cherie LLC is the largest supplier of freshly roasted coffee in Georgia, with a significant market share. The process begins with the import of fresh green coffee beans (raw coffee), which have a shelf-life of up to 2 years. These beans are then carefully checked for quality before being put through the cleaning process. The beans are then roasted, ground, packaged and distributed throughout Georgia.

The Cherie LLC factory is modern and is equipped with the very best German manufactured machinery for roasting, grinding and packaging. Moreover, the internal quality control and procedures are strictly carried out to European standards, so the quality of our products is similar to the quality of products in, for example, Italy or Germany.

Cherie LLC were the first company to introduce industrial coffee production and supply freshly roasted coffee to the Georgian market  and consequently introduce Georgian customers to the flavoursome taste of 100% natural and freshly ground coffee.

The CEO and founder of Cherie LLC is Mr. Irakli Lomtatidze. The company established  in early 2012 and with gradually increasing growth since then, the company now employs more than 60 staff.

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