Commercial paper – Is an Investment product offered by CHERIE, it is security, short term debt instrument issued by our company and created especially for those interested to temporary park Money with higher than average Bank Yield.

How it works

Commercial paper issued by CHERIE is a short term debt with par value of at least 5000 GEL and maturity from 6 to 10 Months, CHERIE is obligated to repay the debt back at maturity.

Commercial paper pays Annual Interest Rate of 12% with monthly payments (1% per month) .

Insuring Exchange rate risk – By the date of maturity of the Commercial paper If Georgian Lari is devaluated against US Dollar more than 3% CHERIE will repay the exchange rate difference.

Why does CHERIE sell the Commercial papers

CHERIE sells commercial papers to borrow cheaper Money (Banks charge annual 14% for GEL)

Why should I buy the commercial paper

You’d buy the commercial papers to get more yield than banks offer for deposits (Banks pay annual 7% on GEL) and the same time to be insured on exchange rate risk

Holder of the Commercial paper is eligible to receive 10% discount on the purchases from our Online shop – (Holder has to write Commercial paper number during purchase).

How to get it
  • Fill the Form below indicating Commercial paper Sum and maturity (see Terms and conditions)
  • Once the form is submitted, Generated Invoice (see the form) will be sent to the E-mail address
  • Once the Invoice is paid, Next business day Commercial paper (see the form) is created and sent to the payer
Application Form
*I agree with  terms and conditions
* Commercial paper will be created and issued in accordance with the Georgian Law of the Commercial papers
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